ATLIKEJAI.COM (MT agency), under management of the pioneer of Lithuanian entertainment sector, producer Martynas Tyla is established in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Since 1994 the agency has achieved wide recognition in Lithuania and has produced the most famous and gifted musical artists.

The activity of Martynas Tyla agency began with two bands that had great prospects, that is, SEL and EXEM. These names are now the main to promote the agency.

At the dawn of his career, Martynas Tyla became aware of the fact that clients booking concerts, record manufacturers and artists struggle to find proper guidelines for common recording projects or organisation of the concerts. Martynas had considered this and adapted his business strategy to achieve consolidation of artist performances, record manufacturer works and concert organizer tasks. He also provided for proper legal protection and renumeration of everyone who is involved in creative process.

Martynas is known in Lithuania as innovator of entertainment contracts and is addressed by the colleagues from music industry seeking his advice. Entertainment gurus appreciate the producer‘s intuitive nature, his mediation abilities and a great sense for spotting potential stars. In addition to this, Martynas Tyla is a distinguished organiser of all sorts of musical events and projects.

Agency ATLIKEJAI.COM is also involved in establishing new clubs and bars, as well as their renovation works. Experienced team and consultants aid to investigate the market properly and help induce profitable terms aimed specifically at a certain audience.

Martynas has been managing famous night clubs and bars for over 20 years now. He is now willing to share this experience with his colleagues.

Whether you wish to open a new restaurant, sports bar, night club, or simply add improvements to the one you own, we are ready to assist and answer all your questions.

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Neringa Zeleniutė
Tel.: +37065010056
Skype: neringa.zeleniute
(You may address Neringa for the following issues: making arrangements for a certain artist‘s concert; reconciling contract details for artist‘s performance at your events; inviting an artist for the purposes of advertising; arranging inteviews with our artists for your media channels; as well as for other administrative matters.)

Egle Matusevičiutė
You should only address Egle for financial issues regarding UAB „Gyva Muzika“.)

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