Donatas Montvydas (Donny Montell)

“Creating, singing and dancing – at least for now it is the passion of my life, a way to discharge emotionally, to have a rest from the rest of the world. There is only you and the sounds of the music, in which, differently from the rational life, you feel safe, free and happy – the real “you”. Every person has something individual and beautiful, just most of us don’t even try to search for that. Each of us is gifted by nature, but everything depends only on us – if we are ready to accept that. I think the time has come.

I don’t consider myself special – I just have people in my life who inspire me not only as musicians and creators but as personalities as well. These people inspire my strength, ideas, and I feel their support. I’d like to leave behind me at least a part of what they have left, but it’s not for the recognition or appraisal. If there is at least one person in the world (including me), for whom my creative work gives pleasure, then I’d like to be a part of the music.” – this is how Donny Montell presents himself.

Donatas Montvydas was born on October 22, 1987, in Vilnius. The musical path of D. Montvydas (Donny Montell) began in the song contest “Dainų dainelė” (“Song of the Songs”), where he became the laureate. Later he studied at Balys Dvarionas music school. “That was the time when I understood that music will be a part of my whole life.” – stated Donatas.

D. Montvydas is a successful participant of various TV-projects: several years ago he became the winner of two national television shows – “Lietuvos dainų dešimtukas” (“The Top-Ten Songs of Lithuania”) and “Iššūkis žvaigždėms” (“The Challenge for the Stars”). Donny Montell gained popularity in various prestigious festivals as well.

In 2008 D. Montvydas participated in a contest of a Belorussian festival “Slavianskij bazar”, where, among 22 countries, he won the main Grand Prix prize. Later, in 2009 and 2010 he tested his abilities in the National selections for the “Eurovision” song contest, where he was very close to the victory.

The year of 2010 and 2011 were quite successful for Donatas. In the project “Žvaigždžių duetai” (“Duets of the Stars”) held by TV channel LNK the singer’s voice mesmerized both the audience and the jury. He also found time to participate in the TABAMI project, where he performed the songs of Michael Jackson.
“It was one of my dreams that came true – to sing Michael Jackson’s songs on the big stage,” – says Donny Montell. – “Participation in this project was a huge event for me. During the rehearsals of the show I felt like Michael himself was supporting me. Of course, I also felt a huge responsibility,” – confesses D. Montvydas, who can also be regarded as the initiator of the project.

At the end of 2010 Donatas achieved one more victory in his life. He won the popular television project “Šok su manimi” (“Dance with me”). After the success in the project, Donny Montell began to prepare striking shows on the stage with a professional dancing group.

In the year of 2011 Donatas devoted a lot of his time to participate in prestigious musical festivals. As a guest the singer performed in festival “Slavianskij bazar”, which took part in Vitebsk, Belarus, and later, with the best singers from all over the world, he competed in the prestigious contest “New Wave 2011”.

Donatas began the year of 2012 successfully as well. He participated in the National selections for the “Eurovision” song contest, where he became the favourite of both professionals and TV-viewers, and received the right to participate in the final of the biggest musical event in Europe, which takes place in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, this year.
The experts of show-business from Lithuania and foreign countries are already forecasting either Donatas’ victory, or a very high place in the “Eurovision” final.

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