Monika Linkyte

Monika was born on June 3, 1992. She was born in Gargždai, but now she lives and studies in Vilnius.
Since her very birth Monika was surrounded by music. Being a little girl she used to dream of being a dancer, so even before she was four years old, her mother took her to a dance studio. However, as soon as she had started to play the piano, Monika understood that music is more important than anything else. Finally M. Linkytė began to learn the secrets of the vocal singing and that was the time when she realized that she wants to sing all her life.
“I am sure that the biggest achievement of a person is finding himself. I say that from my own experience.” – claims Monika.
Monika has participated in a number of musical contests, festivals and television projects. She feels a great respect for her vocal teachers – Kristina Jatautaitė and Rosita Čivilytė.
“Rosita is more than a teacher to me solely for her ability to listen and give an advice not only about music. I appreciate the opportunity to be taught by such a talented person, who is always ready to help you.” – Monika doesn’t save praises for her teacher.

The year of 2006:

  • International contest “BUEN VIAJE” – special prize
  • International contest “Dainų burė” (“The Sail of Songs”) – diploma
  • International contest “Baby sing” – 2nd place
  • International contest “Kalėdų karalystė” (“The Kingdom of Christmas”) – diploma

The year of 2007:

  • LTV project “Mažųjų žvaigždžių ringas 2” (“The Ring of the Little Stars 2”) – winner of the final
  • International festival “Švarus pajūris” (“The Clean Seaside”) – the best participant of the festival
  • “Vaikų eurovizija” (“Junior Eurovision Song Contest”) – 3rd place of the National selections’ final

The year of 2008:

  • National contest “Pavasario fleita” (“Flute of Spring”) – 2nd place
  • “Dainų dainelė” (“Song of the Songs”) – laureate
  • International contest “Baby sing” – Grand prix
  • International contest “Berliner Perle” – 4th place

Since the year of 2008 Monika started working with the producer Linas Adomaitis. Linas and Monika can be seen on the stage until now. In 2009 M. Linkytė tested her abilities in the National selections for the “Eurovision” song contest, where she performed the song “Give away” by Mario Basanov and Monika Liu. Monika was very happy because she achieved her goal. “In one month we had to prepare everything: the song, the show, the clothes, so, having so little time, I think we achieved really good results – I got to the final.” – said Monika.
Monika was successful in both 2011 and 2012 as well. During this period the singer performed a lot of concerts, prepared special shows with the songs of Katy Perry and Alicia Keys, recorded a lot of solo works.
In 2011 M. Linkytė beamed in the final of the National selections for the “Eurovision” song contest, where she won the 4th prize.
Monika achieved even better results in 2012: in the final of the National selections for the “Eurovision” song contest she won the 3rd prize and became the favourite of the audience.

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